VPN Options for Lost Ark

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VPN Options for Lost Ark

Lost Ark needs a Korea or Russia VPN to patch and play. You must be connected the entire way while patching and playing. If you disconnect from your VPN in the middle of gameplay, you will be kicked out of the game.

Game VPNs vs Regular VPNs

Game VPNs only affect the game and not your entire PC. This is the recommended option if you’re going to be streaming the game. It is also usually the cheapest option compared to regular VPNs and it works better for ping.

Regular VPNs are full VPNs and affect your entire PC. These are much easier to work with for updating and downloading Lost Ark. These also have general uses outside of gaming such as accessing blocked services in your country or increasing privacy while web browsing or torrenting.

If you’d like to read more about VPNs for general uses, I recommend reading the entries on privacytools.io and thatoneprivacysite.net.

Most regular VPNs allow an amount of simultaneously connected devices. This is an option to consider if you plan to use the VPN on multiple devices or with others. However, it is technically against the TOS of some VPN services to share accounts and your account could be terminated. I suggest setting up a non-personal email and payment method if you’re going to do this.

Game VPNs only allow one connection at a time.

VPN List

Below are options that have been tested by me and the community. I have included general information, pings for each VPN from different locations, free trials and deals.

Game VPNs


✔️ Korea ✔️ Russia

This is the best option for ping, stability and ease of use. ExitLag supports Lost Ark officially and has its own download nodes for patching Lost Ark. Ping is the lowest with ExitLag for many players. It’s also the easiest to configure and saves a lot of headaches for players.

ExitLag Review

Pricing: $6.50/30 days, $18.50/90 days, $35.00/180 days

Free Trial: 3 days

Deals: Use coupon GINGIN for 15% off

Ping to KR

Location Ping
Florida 204
France 240
Germany 230-250
Hawaii 140
Italy 260
Netherlands 230-250
Norway 250-270
Philippines 78
Singapore 78
Sweden 250-265
United Kingdom 230
Virginia 200-220

Ping to RU

Location Ping
California 140-190
Czech Republic 50
Germany 45-80
Hawaii 220-250
Italy 78
New York 125-140
Spain 70-78
Sweden 30
United Kingdom 66
Vietnam 200

ExitLag RU Setup Guide

Exitlag KR Setup Guide


✔️ Korea

PingBooster supports Lost Ark officially. The prices are average for a VPN, but because this is more game-focused you may have better results with this compared to a regular VPN. They also offer a 4-day free trial for confirming your mobile number.

Pricing: $3.99 1 monthly, $10.99 3 monthly, $19.99 6 monthly, $35.99 1 yearly


Free Trial: 4 days for entering your mobile number.

PingBooster Setup Guide


✔️ Korea ✔️ Russia

Mudfish is the cheapest option for a VPN. There are options to pay for data or pay monthly. It takes a bit more configuration than others, but it officially supports Lost Ark. It is recommended for RU if you are on a tight budget. It is less secure for KR due to reverification issues.

Pay Per Data vs Subscription

Pay per Data is $1 per 10GB. Once you use up your data, you need to reload more. But the data doesn’t expire and you can use it across multiple games. I bought 30GB of data in 2015 for MapleStory 2 and I still have 16GB of data that I can use for other games.

Subscription is $1/month per game you equip. This is the cheapest option for a monthly subcription. It has no data cap but the speeds are too slow for patching.

Pricing: $2.99 minimal deposit. 99¢/month for Unlimited Subscription or $1/10GB Pay Per Data

Reload Options: $2.99, $4.99, $9.99, $29.99, $49.99, $99.99

If you get charged tax, contact Mudfish support to get a refund on credits for tax.


Free Trial: You get a small amount of credit for signing up for an account.

Ping to KR

Location Ping
Brazil 300
Canada 150-220
California 180-200
France 280-350
Germany 250
Hawaii 200
Italy 300
Scotland 250-280
South America 280-310

Ping to RU

Location Ping
Spain 80
Hawaii 250

Mudfish Setup for Lost Ark RU

How to choose the best mudfish nodes


✔️ Korea ✔️ Russia

A newer option recommended by RU players. It’s cheap ($2/month) and supports RU and KR servers. But there is no free trial available for testing.

Pricing: $2.00/month, $5.50/3 month, $8.80/6 month


Free Trial: None


Ping to RU

Location Ping
Texas 150

Regular VPNs


✔️ Korea ✔️ Russia

A very fast and stable VPN for updating, installing and playing the game. The 3-day free trial requires no credit card to use.

This VPN allows up to 6 simultaneously connected devices. You’ll need to connect to different Korea servers on each device or use different protocols.

For RU, use Ukraine server.

Pricing: $11.95/month for monthly plan, $6.99/month for 1 year, $9.00/month for 6 months


Free Trial: 3 days

Ping to KR

Location Ping
New Jersey 180-218
Virginia 220


✔️ Korea ✔️ Russia

Their basic plan for $5/month only offers one Korean server. The plus plan is $10/month but offers all Korea servers and faster speeds. However, some will have better luck with this if the other VPNs don’t work. The free trial offers 7-days and requires no credit card to use.

Basic plan allows 2 simultaneous connections, Plus plan allows 5 simultaneous connections, Visionary plan allows 10 simultaneous connections.

Pricing: Basic plan $4/monthly, Plus Plan $10/monthly, Visionary $30/monthly


Free Trial: 7 days

Free VPNs

Free VPNs will give you terrible ping and are sketchy because they steal your data. Patching will be slow and your connection may cut off randomly. It is worth paying for a VPN to play the game.

Take advantage of the free trials if you need to. All the VPNs listed here have free trials.

But otherwise, here are the options:

Soft Ether

This was used by some to patch the game during CBT3, but I don’t recommend it for actually playing.

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