VPN Options for Lost Ark

Lost Ark needs a Korea or Russia VPN to patch and play. You must be connected the entire way while patching and playing. If you disconnect from your VPN in the middle of gameplay, y...

In VPN, Sep 10, 2019

Lost Ark FAQ

DiscordAll the info you need to get started on this game is available in the Lost Ark Discord. Some important channels that you should read are #guides-and-info, #lost-ark-help, #tro...

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How to Check Top Player Builds in Lost Ark

A few of the active PVP players were wondering what builds the top ranking players were using. You can check this by using the armory database on the official Lost Ark site.

In Lost Ark, Dec 21, 2018

How to choose the best Mudfish nodes

This guide will cover choosing the best Mudfish node for Lost Ark. These same instructionscan be used for other games as well.

In VPN, Oct 24, 2018

Guide to using OCR to translate text

OCR is optical character recognition and that basically means it can capture textin images. I’ll be showing you the different options you can use to translatetext in Lost Ark, but th...

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How to play Lost Ark RU

Lost Ark RU is now in Open Beta and is available for everyone to play.The registration for Mail.RU is free. But most importantly, there will be no reverification waves as confirmed by...

In Lost Ark, May 30, 2019