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How to choose the best Mudfish nodes

This guide will cover choosing the best Mudfish node for Lost Ark. These same instructionscan be used for other games as well.

In VPN, Oct 24, 2018

Playing Foreign Games #1: Questing in Lost Ark

I see a lot concerns about if it is possible to play Lost Ark KR without an English patch or understanding any Korean. As someone who has played many foreign games including Lost Ark...

In Lost Ark, Oct 23, 2018

Guide to using OCR to translate text

OCR is optical character recognition and that basically means it can capture textin images. I’ll be showing you the different options you can use to translatetext in Lost Ark, but th...

In Guide, Sep 20, 2018

Streaming Lost Ark with VPN

These are issues I noticed about streaming Lost Ark with VPN enabled.

In VPN, Sep 19, 2018