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How to Check Top Player Builds in Lost Ark

A few of the active PVP players were wondering what builds the top ranking players were using. You can check this by using the armory database on the official Lost Ark site.

In Lost Ark, Dec 21, 2018

Kurtzpel EU Alpha Test Hype

Our EU friends can finally play the alpha test for Kurtzpel. As a tester for the NA alpha, I won’t be able to play in this test, but I let all my EU friends know about it.To get acce...

In Preview, Dec 11, 2018

ExitLag Review

ExitLag is a game VPN used to optimize your game connection by stabilizing it and reducing your ping. After using their service since the start of the Lost Ark open beta, it has beco...

In VPN, Dec 08, 2018

Hawkeye PVP Build for Lost Ark

This Hawkeye PVP build is based on the meta build in Korea, but with my own tweaks to fit my play style.

In Build, Dec 02, 2018

Translating Voices using LDPlayer

Together with LDPlayer and Google Translate App, you can use OCR for translating text in game, keep a phrasebook for useful translated phrases, and translate game audio in the app’s c...

In Guide, Nov 14, 2018

Lost Ark Main Quest Emote Cheat Sheet

These are all the emote quests from the main quest up to the end of Shusire. These do notinclude side quests.

In Lost Ark, Nov 10, 2018

Lost Ark Region Discords and Class Role Stats

These stats are based on class roles in different Lost Ark discords. They do not accurately portray the game, but it’s still interesting to know before going into open beta.

In Lost Ark, Nov 05, 2018

How to choose the best Mudfish nodes

This guide will cover choosing the best Mudfish node for Lost Ark. These same instructionscan be used for other games as well.

In Guide, VPN, Oct 24, 2018

Playing Foreign Games #1: Questing in Lost Ark

I see a lot concerns about if it is possible to play Lost Ark KR without an English patch or understanding any Korean. As someone who has played many foreign games including Lost Ark...

In Lost Ark, Oct 23, 2018