Mudfish Setup for Lost Ark RU

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Mudfish Setup for Lost Ark RU

Mudfish is the cheapest VPN option for Lost Ark RU. It is only $1 per 10GB for pay per data or $1/month for the subcription option. It’s a good option if you’re on a budget, but see how it compares to the other options in my VPN guide.

Once you’ve installed Mudfish and loaded credit, proceed with this guide.



Press properties on the Mudfish shortcut and set it to run as administrator.


Launch Mudfish and you’ll be prompted to login.


First you’ll want to enable Expert mode in the account settings in case some options don’t show up.


Then go back to the dashboard and click on the Lost Ark item. If you haven’t already equipped it, go to Item > Equip item and find Lost Ark.

Both Game Center and Lost Ark RU are already included when you equip the Lost Ark item in Mudfish.


Make sure the Server Location is set to Europe (Russia) and not Asia (South Korea).


Choose a node to use in Basic mode. For example, the node “RU Europe (Vladivostok - JSC 3)” and “RU Europe (Moscow - Svyaz)” worked for me.

Finding a working node is trial and error. See my guide on choosing the best Mudfish nodes for more details.


Press Connect to start.


Click Yes to refresh the page.


Launch Game Center and you should be able to play the game.

It may show a notice that says it’s unavailable in your region, but the game can still be launched.

You can patch and download the game without a VPN, so be sure to disable Mudfish or it’ll use up your credits.

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