Kurtzpel EU Alpha Test Hype

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Kurtzpel EU Alpha Test Hype

Our EU friends can finally play the alpha test for Kurtzpel. As a tester for the NA alpha, I won’t be able to play in this test, but I let all my EU friends know about it.

To get access, you can signup here and hope to get a key sometime before December 14. For more info on the alpha, you can visit their official FaceBook post or keep reading ahead.


What is Kurtzpel?

Kurtzpel is an online instanced based action RPG with focus on PVP. But there is planned PVE content too. It is from KOG Games who are known for Grand Chase and Elsword. I have no experiences with these games so I can’t comment on how this game is linked to those.

The game is from Korea but they only had a demo at G-Star so far. NA and EU are getting tests before the game is even released in Korea. This is the first time I’ve heard an online Korean PC game do this and it’s exciting.

How far has the game been developed?

The devs made sure to note that Kurtzpel is in alpha and is unfinished. After playing the NA alpha test, it definitely felt like an unfinished game.

Note that these are experiences based on the NA alpha 3 weeks ago and things may have changed since then for the EU alpha.

Most notably there weren’t any options or settings to change video, audio, camera, etc. What you got in game was what you were going to play with the whole time.

This was a main concern for me because the camera started giving me issues when walking near walls or playing in narrow maps.

Things like bushes blocked my view. But hopefully this is fixed in the EU alpha because this was an important feedback I gave that needed to be fixed before the next test.


These are the recommended specs. I was able to play fine on an R9-280, i5-4690k and 8GB RAM desktop. But for those with weaker and toaster PCs, you may run into issues not being able to adjust the game settings.


What is Karma?

Karma are the weapons you equip to your character. You can equip up to two at a time and switch between them mid-match using the Tab key.

Bow Karma uses bows and has ranged skills that shoots arrows while keeping distance.

Sword Karma uses a great sword and has skills that focus on smashing the ground or slashing.

Staff Karma lets you shoot fireballs, put up Ice Walls, and use general elemental magic with a staff.

Gauntlet Karma is close combat based. You can grapple people and drag them across the map or use close combat moves.

You can mix two and do some interesting combos. I mainly liked using Bow Karma and Sword Karma together. Sword Karma had a skill that let me leap to an area and one that increased my movement speed. This was great synergy for the kiting with Bow Karma.

There is a training mode you can enter in the main town that will let you test your skills on a dummy.

How is the PVP?

The base PVP of the game was fun and very decent for an alpha. It felt like a flashier and modern Dragon Nest to me.

There are three PVP modes: Conquest, Capture the Flag, and Death Match. They are rotated when you choose them from the map.

Conquest is a 2v2 mode where you must defend a platform in the middle of the map. The team that stays there longer is the winner.

Capture the Flag is another 2v2 mode but the objective is to hold onto to the flag for as long as you can to gain points. The team with the more points wins.

Death Match is the last 2v2 mode and it is just a brawl to see who has the most kills.

My favorite mode was Capture the Flag. I mainly used the Bow and Sword Karma which let me hold onto the flag and kite as much as possible.

There were some balancing issues though. Bow Karma felt useless in Conquest mode where I had to stay on top of a small platform. Bow Karma had skills that pushed me off the platform and required me to aim at a distance which meant I had to stay off the platform. While I was on the platform at any time, Gauntlet and Sword users were able to body me completely.

In the other modes, Bow Karma could completely out kite Gauntlet Karma. When someone with Gauntlet Karma grabbed me, I was able to spam the space key to roll out of it and start shooting arrows at them while keeping a good distance.

And Staff Karma had some of the most OP skills. Ice Wall was useful in almost all situations including defending your flag in Capture the Flag and the platform in Conquest. Their fireball and ultimate also hit the hardest.

Character Customization

This was the best part of the game despite being in alpha. There’s still a lot more work that needs to be done, but I was able to make some neat designs in there. I definitely recommend spending some time in there and making your perfect character.




There are a lot super interesting options available for designing your character. I was surprised by how much was customizable for an alpha game.

Below are some of the designs I made:



For this character, I set everything to the lowest and colors to white.



This was my attempt at making Silence Suzuka from Uma Musume.

And if you are ever unsatisfied with a design, you can click “Reborn” in the character selection screen and adjust anything on your existing character without having to create a new one.

You can also wear equipment to dress up your characters. But there aren’t that many available and they all have the same stats for alpha.


Any other thoughts?

As I didn’t touch the PVE at all outside the tutorial, I have no comment on it.

As a PVP game, it has potential but a lot of things need to be worked out especially how the camera works and the balancing issues.

In general, the game needs to start adding more options and efficient QoL fixes such as shortening or removing some of the UI animations that slow you down when queuing for a match.

Have fun, EU players.

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