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How to play Lost Ark RU

WatchGin WatchGin Follow May 30, 2019 · 2 mins read
How to play Lost Ark RU

RU CBT is planned for September 25 - October 7, 2019 and OBT in October - November 2019. You can participate in the CBT if you purchase a founder’s pack or a key. OBT is planned for October - November 2019 and will be open to everyone.

The registration for Mail.RU is free. But most importantly, there will be no reverification waves as confirmed by the RU CM. All you will need is a Russia VPN to play.

Mail.RU Account Creation

Register at Mail.RU

Or at la.mail.ru and press these buttons:



Enter your account details to signup for a new Mail.RU email.


“I don’t have a phone number” option to skip phone number confirmation.



Some people may not be able to skip phone number confirmation. You can use any number, but I was able to skip it using an RU VPN to register.

After you submit, you need to enter the captcha to complete registration.




Exitlag now supports Lost Ark RU server now and has a 3-day free trial. Use the code GINGIN for 15% off.


ProtonVPN also has Russia servers available and has a 7-day free trial which should last enough for the entire demo duration.

For more VPNs, check out my VPN Guide.


The launcher can be downloaded on the official page.



The entire game is 32.1GB and doesn’t require a VPN to download. You will need a VPN to be able to play the game though, as it is confirmed to be region locked.


Is Lost Ark RU region locked?

Yes, you will need a Russia VPN to play. But registration is free and there won’t be any reverification issues according to the RU CM.

How large is the game?


When does the RU server launch/CBT/OBT?

  • RU CBT is planned for the end of September for 7-10 days long.
  • RU OBT in Q4 2019.

Do I need to purchase a founder’s pack?

For CBT, you’ll need to purchase a founder’s pack or key to participate. The game will be open to everyone for OBT in Q4 2019.

Preorder Founder’s Pack on Mail.ru

Buy a key

Will Lance Master or Assassins be in at the start of release?

No, these are newer classes in KR that will not be in for the release of RU.

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