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How to claim level 50 character boost for Assassin Release

WatchGin WatchGin Follow Jul 30, 2019 · 2 mins read
How to claim level 50 character boost for Assassin Release

With the release of the new Assassin classes in Lost Ark KR, you can claim a free boosted character. The boost will fast forward your character to 50 with full ilvl 555 equipment set.

This can only be redeemed on one character and it doesn’t have to be an Assassin character.

The event is from 7-31-2019 to 8-28-2019 KST.


  • An existing level 50 character
  • Korea VPN to login to official Lost Ark site

You’ll need an existing level 50 character to claim the boost on a new character. You can still claim the boost as long as you get to level 50 before the end of the event on 8-28-2019 KST.

To claim the boost, you’ll need to login to the official Lost Ark site. It’s suggested as a safety mesaure to login with a VPN because the site logs your IP for each login.

Exitlag is the recommended VPN for Lost Ark. It has a 7-day trial and can be used login to the website and play the game. Use the code GINGIN for 15% off.

For other VPN options check my VPN guide.


Add your browser to Exitlag and make sure the game region is set to KR Seoul.

Then go to myip.com or ipleak.net to make sure your browser is properly configured and your IP address is seen as Korea.

Login to the official site at the Lost Ark Assassin promo page.


Claim the button on the right. This is the boost to 50 ticket and free ilvl 555 equipment set.

The button on the left is to give an existing character the ilvl 555 equipment set only.

After you’ve claimed the promo, login to Lost Ark. If you were already logged in while you claimed it, you’ll have to restart the client.


At this point you’ll want to make a new level 1 character to use your boost on. Note it can be used on any of the classes.


Select the new character and press the right button on the bottom center of the screen.


It should show as 1/1 on the right button with the blue ticket. Use it on the character.


Afterwards, you’ll be sent to trision gate area to test out either the Blade and Asssassin class. Test both classes out as much as you like before moving on.


After deciding on a class, you’ll be sent to a special area where you must complete six dungeons. Talk to the book in the middle of the map.


Claim your equipment on each step and finish all the dungeons and you’ll be level 50.



After completing all dungeons, you’ll be warped out. Use the chest in your inventory to claim the ilvl 555 equipment set.


I used the boost to make the Blade above.

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