How to choose the best Mudfish nodes

WatchGin WatchGin Follow Oct 24, 2018 · 1 min read
How to choose the best Mudfish nodes

This guide will cover choosing the best Mudfish node for Lost Ark. These same instructions can be used for other games as well.


First you’ll want to enable Expert mode in the account settings in case some options don’t show up.



Go to Setup > Nodes and then click on KR. This will automatically choose every available KR node for you.


Then go back to the dashboard and click on the Lost Ark item. If you haven’t already equipped it, go to Item > Equip item and find Lost Ark.


Scroll down to Nodes and click on the magnifying glass and it should open a new window.


In the destination column, mark Node to Dest. server only or All-in-One. There is no documentation on which would be better to compare, but I tend to check both.


Then you’ll want to sort by lowest score.

At this point, you’ve setup everything you need to check for the best node. To choose the best node, I go by this priority:

1) Lowest score

2) No heavy system load (0/0/0 preferred)

3) Flattest RTT Graph with less spikes

4) Optionally prefer KR Asia (S. Korea - KT00 IDC) aka KT nodes. I have good experiences with KT nodes during CBT3, but if other nodes work better then use that.

Now try every node which seems good and see what works for you. You must completely close the game before changing nodes. It’s all trial and error and some nodes may give worse ping or won’t even work at all.

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