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How to Check Top Player Builds in Lost Ark

WatchGin WatchGin Follow Dec 21, 2018 · 2 mins read
How to Check Top Player Builds in Lost Ark

A few of the active PVP players were wondering what builds the top ranking players were using. You can check this by using the armory database on the official Lost Ark site.

If you don’t know how to type in Korean, you’ll want to setup an OCR tool first to be able to copy the text in-game. In this guide, I’ll be using ShareX to copy names.

PVP Builds

PVE Builds

PVP Builds


Access the PVP season rankings by pressing the button on the 2nd queue tab.


Use ShareX to OCR the top players name in the 3rd column of the UI.

In this example, I’ll be checking the #1 overall player in the current season. But you can filter it by class in the 2nd dropdown menu if you want to check builds for your class.


Copy the name that comes up in the translation window.



Then go to the profile ranking on the official site which you can access here or through the menu above. If you can’t access the site, you may have to use a VPN due to IP blocking.


Paste the name you copied from ShareX into the search bar.


Here you can see information about their character including gear, ilvl, and build. The database only shows what it captured at the time, so you may end up seeing their PVE or PVP build depending on what they last used.


As a spectator in arena, you can also hover over the skill icons of the players in-match to see what tripods they are using.

PVE Builds

There is no official ranking or leader board system for PVE in Lost Ark. The next best thing you can check are the top players with the highest ilvl. But people tend to use different builds based on the content they’re doing at the time, so it would only give you a general idea of what to use.



You can see the rankings for ilvl by going to LOAHae.com.


This is the build of the highest ilvl player.


This can be used for checking anyone’s build. You may see another player using an interesting build in arena or the raid you were in. If you were not to have ShareX running at the time, you could take a screenshot using the in-game PRINTSCRN option and copy the name later.

You may be wondering about keeping your build hidden for competitive reasons. There is no way to hide your build from the site other than switching to a different build before you logout. The site only shows one build at a time, so it would show what it captured at the time. But I’m not sure how often it updates this.

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