Hawkeye PVP Build for Lost Ark

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Hawkeye PVP Build for Lost Ark

This Hawkeye PVP build is based on the meta build in Korea, but with my own tweaks to fit my play style.


This is the ideal build with enough skill points. Alternatively, you could not get the third tripod on Claymore if you don’t have enough skill points but you’ll have to aim the blast better.

Here is a PVP video playlist of the build in action:

Rapid Shot

Rapid Shot has a low 5s cooldown and can be used as extra damage in between attacks and cooldowns.

The tracking tripod is useful for getting the position of the opponent. What it does is automatically turns your character to your opponent if they are in front of you and shoots in that direction. This can be used while you are blinded by another Hawkeye or if your opponent is off screen and need to find out their position.

Light footsteps increases your movement speed by 30% for 3s after using Rapid Shot. With the low 5s cooldown on Rapid Shot, you can use this very often to help with moving around the arena and for kiting.

Slash Step

A very useful additional dash for getting away from opponents.

The quick preparation tripod reduces the cooldown by 3s, bringing it down to a total of 7s.

Persistent Tracking

Another skill that can be used as a dash, but it also steps over opponents and knocks them over. This is useful for temporarily knocking your opponent down while you’re getting away.

The quick preparation tripod reduces the cooldown by 2s, bringing it down to a total of 12s.


A fast and widespread blast that electric shocks the opponent for 3s. After shocking the opponent, you can usually chain a charge arrow right afterwards and it’ll have enough time to hit.

Quick hand increases the attack speed enough to make it easier to land. The other tripods in this row aren’t worth using as much as this one is.

Thunderstorm shocks the opponent for 3s. This can be replaced with Strength for super armor if you prefer chaining knockdowns with DM-42. Because after a second knockdown, opponents take longer to get up if they’ve already used their wake up roll.

Storm Surge makes the blast wider. This is optional if you don’t have enough skill points if you can aim well enough without it. But it does help out a lot and is worth getting if you have enough skill points for the entire build.

Charge Shot

One of your few hard hitting skills and it knocks down on hit. It has insane range that’s enough to hit people off screen sometimes.

Quick preparation reduces the CD by 4s, bringing it down to 20s. This is very needed as you’ll need to use this skill often.

Quick hand cuts the charge time by 50%. Charge arrow wouldn’t be usable in a PVP environment without this tripod as it makes the charging quick enough to use reliably.

Concentration adds an additional charge bar but with the Quick Hand tripod it’s not a huge increase. The added 30% damage and critical rate is a very good trade off.


One of my favorite skills of Hawkeye. Using two mines is great for warding off enemies or keeping your positioning. You can camp on one of the mines and use Charge Arrow and Snipe while enemies are backed off.

Mind Enhancement is the only tripod in this row worth using as the other tripods are more for PVE. It helps with mana consumption which is nice.

Explosion Spread makes the hitbox for DM-42 bigger. This is useful with two mines as you can space them out separately and cover a good portion of your position. Alternatively, you can use Stun tripod with smaller hitboxes if your opponents tend to have more super armor skills that prevent knockdown.

Distributed Installations lets you use an additional mine within 5s for a total of two. The trade off is an increased cooldown by 6s, but this tripod is worth it as it keeps more of your character covered. You can spread the two mines out and camp on the 1st mine until it explodes, then move onto the 2nd mine.

Shadow Arrow

Shadow Arrow homes into enemies and makes them blind, slowed, and on the 3rd hit it stuns. This skill is too good and can be used in all PVP matchups.

Fast Charge reduces the cooldown of each charge by 2s. There are a total of 3 full charges and this makes it easier to chain Shadow Arrows after another.

Shadow of Abyss increases the Shadow Curse effect which is more useful than the slow effect or adding an additional charge.

Shadow Tracking makes the arrows home into enemies. You could be at a distance and a different angle from your opponent, and it would still hit your opponent. This is a very good tripod for this skill and shouldn’t be changed.


Another one of the few hard hitting skills in this build. You aim the skill using the mouse cursor and it shoots a blast on the area and knocks down the opponent. It also has very good range and is good if you’re at a distance from your opponent.

Insight increases the range by 3m and adds a bit more zooming out with the skill. The cooldown reduction tripod isn’t as useful as this as the skill already has a high cooldown and wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Strength gives you super armor while using Snipe. Opponents won’t be able to interrupt your skill with a knockdown, but hard CCs such as stun would work, and you can move your cursor onto the opponent if they’re too close.

Easy Prey enlarges the perfect zone of the charge bar and increases the critical chance by 40%. This is more useful than the Cloaking tripod which has a trade off of plus 18s cooldown and is almost never needed.

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