Hawkeye Kiter PVP Build for LTS

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Hawkeye Kiter PVP Build for LTS

This was an interesting Hawkeye build I saw spectating (not me playing) that 1v3 in LTS. The focus of this build is to keep kiting your opponent while sticking atomic arrows on them.


Atomic Arrow

This build runs it with max tripods and with the lightning tripod. Atomic arrow is a low-CD skill (9s) that can be used to interrupt opponents mid-combo. It attaches itself onto the opponent and explodes after 3 seconds, electric shocking (hard cc) the enemy.

I see more Hawkeyes running this more than before. With the heavy superarmor on Lance Masters and Assassins, the electric shock is more prefered over the default knockdown now.

Slash Step, Persistent Chase, Evasive Shot

The highlight of the build is that it runs more tripods for the movement skills. Tripods for increased travel distance and superarmor are chosen.

Most builds don’t usually run Evasive Shot but it looked to work for the player in the video.

Claymore Mine

Usually you could max claymore and get the widespread tripod and the lightning tripod. But you can also save some skill points off of claymore if you keep it at 7 and rely on aiming the blast. The widespread tripod makes it easier to land, and keeping the default knockdown and superarmor or using the lightning electric shock tripod depends on your matchup.


Stun tripod to deal with superarmor heavy meta.

Shadow Arrow

Staple reduced cooldown, curse enhancement, and tracking tripods.


Staple tripods for increased damage.


The build runs the crests for increased movement speed on dash (Circle), CC shield with 120s CD (Triangle), and heal 3% of HP on dash (Leaf).

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