Hawkeye Builds for Leveling and PVP

WatchGin WatchGin Follow Nov 09, 2019 · 1 min read
Hawkeye Builds for Leveling and PVP

I have leveled 4 Hawkeyes across servers and this is the best build to get through questing and leveling.


You get Slash Step first with the increase distance tripod as a second dash to get around faster while questing. You use Slash Step and spacebar dash right after to cancel the animation.

Then you get Blade Storm and Charge Arrow at 7 points with the selected tripods. These are your hardest hitting skills and both are used in most PVE builds.

When you have enough skill points, max out Blade Storm and get the movement tripod. This lets you move while attacking quest bosses easily.

Then max out Charge Arrow, Sharp Shooter, and Multishot in that order for more damage.

Hawkeye PVP LTS Build

This build is meant for 1v1 LTS mode only. It’s based off 255 skill points meaning I went straight to PVP after unlocking Snipe and ult skill. I did not gain any extra skill points from potions.


However, if you have extra points you should get the Superarmor tripod on Persistent Tracking or more points into Atomic Arrow.

You can see the build in action here:

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