Guide to using OCR to translate text

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Guide to using OCR to translate text

OCR is optical character recognition and that basically means it can capture text in images. I’ll be showing you the different options you can use to translate text in Lost Ark, but this works for anything else and any language supported by Google Translate.


Google Translate App



Yandex OCR


ShareX is a free open source screenshot tool that makes cropping and uploading screenshots very efficient. It’s a very useful program and it also happens to support OCR. Compared to the other options, this is all-in-one and has more uses such as cropping screenshots to post in discord or translating using OCR. It also has no limit on translating compared to Capture2Text.

Note that this requires a 2nd monitor or windows mode on a single monitor as ShareX cannot work while in fullscreen games due to lack of Direct3D support. If you’re playing on a single monitor, I suggest reading the Google Translate App part of this guide.

First you’ll want to set a new hotkey and set it to the OCR function.




Then while you’re in-game, you have to click out of the focused game to use the OCR. Then crop the text you want to translate and set the language to Korean.



Next click on “Open in Google Translate and close window” and this will open it into Google Translate in your default browser.


Google Translate App

Android iOS

This app can be installed on your phone and uses the camera for OCR. It has an instant translation mode so you only have to point your camera at the screen and it will replace the text with the translation.


But you can also take a picture and scrub the text you want to translate.


LDPlayer with Google Translate App

This option uses an android emulator to run the Google Translate App on desktop. You’ll be able to translate way faster than the other options as well as doing fullscreen OCR.

This way includes a select all text feature and faster cropping. It also doubles as a translation phrasebook and speech translator which you can use in-game.




First you’ll want to install LDPlayer. Other emulators use too much system resources for them to work as well as LDPlayer. This is the best option I’ve found that is lightweight enough to run with the game.

Then install the Google Translate APK that you can download off You can double click the APK to install it into the emulator or press the APK button on the right side menu to browse for it.


At this point, you have the Google Translate App installed. Launch the app and press the camera icon to start OCR.


Press the keyboard icon above the scissors icon in the right side menu of LDPlayer. You’ll want to set the touch points as keys for the camera button and the back button to reset.



Press the camera button and then press shoot on screen. This will open a cropping window that you can resize to fit text into.


After you’re done cropping the text you want to translate, press Select All and let it translate the text shown in the box. You can also use your mouse to scrub the specific parts you want to translate.


Capture2Text is more focused on OCR and has features such as text-to-speech and showing translations in its own window. You’ll need to run this in administrator mode. It also seems to stop working when using Capture2Text too often.

The default key is Windows + Q but you should change it in the hotkey settings.


First you’ll want to check “Show translation in popup window” and set the Separator to “Tab” and press “OK”. Then restart Capture2Text to apply the settings.


Then you’ll want to set the OCR Language to Korean so that it will detect Korean letters.


Press your hotkey for Start OCR Capture and drag your mouse over the text. Click your mouse when you’re done cropping it.


It should popup a new window with the original text and the translation. That doesn’t seem as accurate, but it is more convenient than it opening a new browser window.


Yandex OCR


Using Yandex OCR in the browser, you can upload cropped screenshots and it will automatically highlight and translate lines.

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