ExitLag Review

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ExitLag Review

ExitLag is a game VPN used to optimize your game connection by stabilizing it and reducing your ping. After using their service since the start of the Lost Ark open beta, it has become my main recommendation to play Lost Ark due to how well it works. It is very easy to setup compared to the other options and gives the lowest ping for most players.


Why do I need a VPN?

Certain games such as Lost Ark are IP blocked so you need a VPN to access the game. Even if other games aren’t IP blocked, your ping will be much higher when playing on a foreign server. With a game VPN like ExitLag, you will be able to bypass these region restrictions as well as lowering your ping.

Pricing and Features


ExitLag has four plans:

  • $6.50/Monthly for 30 days
  • $18.50/Quarterly for 90 days
  • $35.00/SemiAnnual for 180 days

You can get a 15% discount with the coupon GINGIN.

They accept PayPal and PagSeguro as payment methods and offer a 3 day free trial if you want to test it out before subscribing.

ExitLag supports over 100+ games. A lot of the popular MMORPGs are supported including Lost Ark, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, MapleStory 2 and more. But non-MMORPGs are supported too such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Path of Exile and more.


But the launcher does not support adding custom games. If your game is unsupported, you will need to contact support through Live Chat or through their social networks. They are required to analyze the game themselves to ensure the best performance.

And as this is a game VPN, only the apps you choose in the launcher will be affected by the VPN. There is no option for a full VPN mode that affects your entire PC.

ExitLag only supports Windows 7 and up. They are working on adding OSX support, but note that their software was developed to be multiplatform.


Setup is very convenient as everything is mostly done automatically for the best results. One of the main reasons why I recommend this VPN over the others is how painless it is to setup. It saves you from the headaches that you get from troubleshooting and configuring other VPNs.

All it takes to use ExitLag is searching for the game in the launcher, choosing a server, and pressing optimize.


Lost Ark has 6 available KR Seoul servers as well as a KR Download server for patching with Stove. If one of the KR Seoul servers don’t work, you can simply choose another one.


Pressing optimize will automatically choose the best routing for you.

There is also an option for “Use the routes within my country first” to prioritize your country routes first.

“Use information about previously analyzed routes” will optimize your connection based on optimized routes history and is checked by default.


A nice feature included is that it will show your estimated ping to the server before launching the game. Then press Apply Routes to save the configuration.


This is all you have to do. See my connection guide for Lost Ark.


My ping in Lost Ark is about 140ms playing from West Coast NA. This is the lowest ping I’ve had across KR games with VPN enabled.

These are pings with ExitLag that other players have submitted for my VPN guide:

Location Ping
Florida 204
France 240
Germany 230-250
Hawaii 140
Italy 260
Netherlands 230-250
Norway 250-270
Philippines 78
Singapore 78
Sweden 250-265
United Kingdom 230
Virginia 200-220

Note that ping varies depending on where you’re playing from and it might not always be consistent for everyone. But it is very playable. You can see how playable it is in my Hawkeye PVP playlist.

Once you get in-game, the connection is stable with no disconnections. I have played long hour sessions of Lost Ark and never got disconnected in-game besides for maintenance. Ping is stable and does not spike up or down. It stays at a constant 140ms for me.

Other related uses

The official site for Lost Ark is IP blocked. To get around this, you can add your browser to ExitLag and choose a Korean server. This will let you access the site, but also mask your IP as Korean when onstove logs your logins.

This is a needed feature because you will need to visit the onstove site to update your account information or for events and compensation coupons.


Setting the Stove region to KR Download will let you update your client. This is useful as Lost Ark requires a VPN for downloading updates and this clears the need to use another VPN to patch.



During CBT3, there were only a few VPN options available to play Lost Ark. Since open beta, more convenient options have started to support Lost Ark such as this one.

ExitLag is a great option for playing Lost Ark due to its easy setup and low ping and I highly recommend it.

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