ExitLag - Connecting to Lost Ark RU

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ExitLag - Connecting to Lost Ark RU

This guide assumes you already have an account and the game downloaded.

Lost Ark RU requires a VPN with Russia servers to launch the game and connected while playing. This guide will walkthrough setting up the game with a 3-day free trial of ExitLag. If you end up preferring ExitLag as your VPN, you can use the coupon GINGIN for 15% off your subscription.

ExitLag Review


Once you’ve installed ExitLag, launch it and it’ll prompt you to login with your account.


Search for Game Center and add it to ExitLag.


Search for “Lost Ark RU” and add it to ExitLag. Make sure it has RU in the name as “Lost Ark” is the KR version.


Set the game region of Game Center and Lost Ark RU to RU Moscow01-02.


Then for Lost Ark RU, press optimize to let ExitLag automatically setup the best routing for you. And press Apply Routes to save.


While ExitLag is still running, launch Game Center. You should be able start the game now.


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