Welcome to WatchGin.com! You can call me Gin. Popolice

This site is meant to be a useful resource for foreign games by providing information such as:

  • Accessing foreign games outside the service region.

  • Tips and guides on how to play these games without understanding the main language.

  • Upcoming MMORPG and mobile games from major events such as G-Star, TGS, ChinaJoy and more. But I only post about the games that interest me.

Besides providing useful information, I may blog about the videos I’ve made on my YouTube or the things I do in-game.

Formerly gamegingin.com,

I changed the url of my blog from gamegingin.com to watchgin.com. Most of my guides have been transfered over.

My original username is WatchGintama. I used to be active on a forum where people would always ask for anime recommendations. So I made my name WatchGintama and told people to read my name.

But due to copyright reasons I didn’t use it for the site domain. Most people call me Gin.

Game History

These are some of my characters from the MMORPGs I played.


My Sapper Rogue Cannoneer in Tree of Savior.


My Berserker in KMS2.


My Hawkeye in Lost Ark.


You can contact me at my social links or comment below.